Content Writing Ideas: Do You Generate It Easy or Hard?

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Trying it easy – a concept opposite the conventional approach to doing things with 110% of your effort, can help you generate your best ideas for content writing.

I came across a preview of a book, Accidental Genius by Mark Andrew Levy. With the two secrets revealed in generating one’s best ideas, Mr. Levy has persuaded me already to buy his book online. The table of content shows an engaging list to go through.

I can’t help but agree with what Mr. Levy think of mental coach Robert Kriegel’s thought that says:

“Trying easy will help you in any area of your life.”

– Robert Kriegel

Mark Andrew Levy agreed by saying,

“Rather than approach your writing with your teeth gritted, demanding instant virtuoso solutions from yourself, LOOSEN UP and ease it into your best 90 percent effort.”

This method of ‘trying it easy’…

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