French fancies: Vilebrequin

View from the Back

My beloved husband loves this brand of French swimwear, it’s his go to for swim shorts and has been buying them since the late 90s. I have lost count of how many pairs he possesses but he’ll typically buy at least one new pair every year. During the summer months his at-home uniform is a pair of their shorts worn with a matching colourful t-shirt.

A romantic start

The brand was created in 1971 in Saint Tropez by fashionista Yvette and Fred Prysquel, a photographer and sports automobile journalist,  hence the name which is French for crankshaft!

Inspired by the trunks worn by surfers at the time, Prysquel sketched and cut out a swimsuit design from a paper tablecloth in a Saint Tropez café, creating a longer boxer short style very different to the shorter and fitted swimsuits of that period. Made from from spinnaker-sail cloth, his swimsuit was bright…

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