iPhone 12 Pro Review

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded to the iphone 12 pro. I’m normally one who holds out with my old phones as long as possible because I prefer to pay cash up front for them and then just keep them. I was still using an iphone 8 and I was long overdue for a new one.

I attempted to buy the iphone 12 from Verizon, but they ended up charging me twice for it, then couldn’t refund me without cancelling the order. Once they did that, it refunded one charge but I never got refunded for the second charge. It took over 3 weeks of daily contact with their customer service, starting an investigation with my bank, and the better business bureau to get them to refund me the second charge. The worst part is that they offered me $20 as an apology for keeping $800 from me for…

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