What Does a Big Cat Rescue Do? Interview With Jennifer Leon

Smarty Pants Kids

Today we have a very special guest. Jennifer Leon is here to tell us all about her very important and fascinating career as a Big Cat Rescuer!

Check it out!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself. J.Leon Photo

A. My name is Jennifer Leon, and I am the Director of Outreach for Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited sanctuaries for big cats located in Tampa, Florida.

My job involves working with students, teachers, lawmakers, businesses, organizations, and people who care about big cats to make things better for wild and exotic cats. People are often surprised by my last name because it means lion in Spanish! Even more surprising, I’m allergic to cats! But I don’t let that stop me from working for them.

Q. What does Big Cat Rescue do?

A. Big Cat Rescue does three things:

  1. We save wild and exotic cats from bad situations and…

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