Review of the Polaroid GO – Teeny Mini Mighty

KeithWee | Photography

After my in-depth of the Polaroid Now, an instant Polaroid film with a much-awaited and useful autofocus function, a week ago I received something that Polaroid pitched as “the world’s smallest analogue film camera“.

It is not often one associates the word ‘breakthrough’ with Polaroid, a brand more known for its history over its technological advances but this time round, Polaroid has managed to pleasantly surprise with this teeny pocketable wonder.

Seemingly sold out in the United States and only available in a handful of selected countries, I will say that the Polaroid now has a direct rival to Fuji’s successful Instax series.

That’s 5 years old Lynn holding the Polaroid GO.


Firstly, the Polaroid GO is TINY. You have to hold it in yours hands to understand how small it is in real life. The Polaroid Go is the world’s smallest instant camera at 105…

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