White Chocolate Matcha Cake (Video)

The Gastronomy Gal

This cake with vanilla and matcha layers, coated with white chocolate and dusted with matcha powder is tasty and visually stunning!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I feel that it is fitting to share a green-colored food today for the occasion. I am beyond excited to share this cake recipe as it combines two of my favorite flavors.. white chocolate and matcha! The reason the combination works so well is because white chocolate is incredibly sweet while matcha is bitter so combining the two balances out both flavors. If you’ve ever had a green tea kit kat, this cake basically tastes like that. The cake is cooked using broiling rather than baking. Many ovens have a broil function which means the only heat source is the top whereas in an oven, the heat source is on both the top and bottom. I used broiling in my convection countertop oven since I…

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