Style Notes: Dresses with Sneakers

m gets dressed

Today we’re talking the ultimate comfort outfit: dresses and sneakers! I got a request on Instagram to cover this, and while I’ve posted related musings before in my Sneakers and Wide Leg Pants style notes, I think it’s still worth discussing specifically for dresses. I do love stompy boots or a sick pair of heels, but I’m always hoping that this combo becomes a complete non-issue because everyone’s feet can probably use some more love.

A lot of the tips here can be applied to any sort of less obviously casual jeans/leggings sort of outfit, but for scope I’m only going to use dresses in the examples. As usual, this isn’t meant as a laundry list of rules you MUST follow! but more as a a collection of details that you can consider when figuring out how you can adjust an outfit to fit your personal vision for it.


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