That’s So 2020 – Get Your Motor Running


An obvious homage to the first line of Born to be Wild by Canadian rocker John Kay and Steppenwolf, one of my ultimate driving songs.

We had begun to give up on any more bicycle riding, as the weather had stayed cold for most of the last days of October, it was grey, drab, dreary, windy and just plain unpleasant. I remember climbing on the bikes on October 9, 2020, in desperation for one last ride out into the country, with freezing fingers, running eyes and nose. We did not get far, but it was still fun. Then on October 10, we climbed on again for cycle around our little city. After that, nothing……………until November 1, 2020. Yup, you heard right. Who the heck is still riding bicycles in this part of the world, after Hallowe’en? We were.

We geared up in extra layers, top and bottom, hoods…

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