How to Write Comments on other Blogs that gets Results?

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In our last post about 7 blogging tips for the beginner, one of the tips was to take note of your comments and respond to them.  Receiving comments on a blog is incredibly exciting, especially when you are first starting out. Do you think blog commenting is important?  Let’s explore it here.

Receiving comments ultimately means that people are finding your site and reading your content.  That is great…because, without readers, your blog will be sitting in cyberspace and not really doing much!  No one wants that for their blog regardless of whether you are doing it for business or as a hobby.

It is however important to take a good look at the type of blog commenting you are receiving before you start getting too excited.  Are they real comments or just spammy ones?  You will find that some people are only participating in blog commenting in order to leave…

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