Most Iconic Sneakers of All Time

Sneaker Valley

The first rubber-soled shoes, which appeared in the 1800s, were created to meet the needs of athletes who needed lightweight and durable footwear. Since then, shoes, like a pair of shoelaces, have been inextricably linked to the world of sports. In reality, a pivotal moment — or figure — in sports history was often used to cement a sneaker’s iconic status.

Much of the background is now obscured by media speculation. Riding the streetwear boom, fashion houses such as Dior and Prada have reinterpreted classic sneaker trends by adding a logo or a monogram and calling it a day. Nike and Adidas regularly reissue game-changing sneakers, only to be endorsed by clout chasers and paraded around by celebrities younger than the shoes themselves (we’re looking at you, Kylie Jenner).

Even so, the sneaker’s ability to inspire and captivate the masses, as well as its ability to reflect one’s identity in…

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