Mum-On-The-Go: 2 Easy Go-to Smoothie Recipes


I’ve said it before- I am a foodie. I absolutely love food and I enjoy preparing it just as much as I do eating it.

Well, maybe not quite as much.

The way I eat has changed a lot over the years and has almost always relied on my lifestyle- how much time I have to prepare meals, my nutrition goals and activity level or who I have to prepare food for. Pre-motherhood, I was extremely active and very strict about the way I ate, having the odd treat here and there but I had completely cut out sugar and bread and was overall very disciplined with my diet. Maybe even a little obsessed.

Since then, I’ve always remained very mindful about my nutrition and ensuring my family and I enjoy wholesome foods balanced with nutrients and vitamins but I’m not nearly so strict. I still workout and I still…

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