How to spring clean every area of your life (with free tracker)

growing in circles

Spring is coming ( thank fuck) and along with Spring often comes the urge to spring clean and organise your life. Personally, I’m quite excited to do a good spring clean in all areas of my life and give myself a reset for coming out of lockdown and beginning ‘normal’ life again. The weather has been starting to brighten up, it’s actually been quite sunny this past few weeks, and I do feel like that has lifted my mood, the same goes for most of the people I’ve spoken to as well! I’m feeling abit more motivated and lighter with some hope for this summer, even if I abit scared of coming out of lockdown.

I’ve decided to give myself a spring cleaning challenge, I am going to clean out 10 areas of my life over the rest of March and maybe early April. I’m going to share this challenge…

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