Top 10 at Home Workouts!

OK, full disclosure here.

These are probably not the “Top 10 at Home Workouts”.

Who gets to determine what the top workouts are anyway? It’s really a personal thing anyway.

What do you want to get out of your workout? Basic fitness? Totally ripped physique? Something in between?

A big-ass piece of expensive equipment to show off to guests, when we’re allowed to have people over again?

See, an objective evaluation isn’t even possible…

…but I digress…

So, anyway, these are the top 10 at home workouts that I selected this afternoon. maybe, if nothing else, I’ll get a sponsorship offer, given that there are probably over a dozen of you who regularly check this blog out.

2 1/2 years.

12-15 regular followers.

I’m killin it, people.

One other thing, before I get into this. What do I use?

A yoga mat. A resistance band. And every sidewalk, track &…

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