Moist and Fluffy Sugar Free Oil/Butter free Carrot Cake

Sugar Free Kosher Mama

You are desperate to cut out sugars and refined flours, yet you still get that craving for something sweet, am I right? You’ve tried the other fat free muffin and cake recipes which substitute applesuace or yogurt for oil or butter and honey or maple syrup for the sugar, and they’re…..well….ehhh. Granted, they’re a healthier alternative for dessert and snacking, but they often go stale quite quickly if not kept in the refrigerator, and to be honest, their texture is noticeably different than that of a traditional cake. Often, our husbands and children are not overly-enthusiastic about these healthier dessert options.

Ta-da!!!! That will all change for you with this recipe. It is amazing! Following a few important tricks while making this wonderul, truly healthy dessert makes this cake nearly identical in texture and flavor to that of a traditional carrot cake. It’s light, moist, and fluffy–and the frosting is…

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