The Benefits Of A Whiteboard To-Do List

K.M. Allan

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time in the last four years, you’ll know I’m a fan of writing routines, being organized, and to-do lists!

While I regularly assess and change my writing routine depending on how my life is going, if I find something that helps with the routine, I’ll stick with it.

One such thing is using a whiteboard. I’ve been doing this since August 2020, and it has really upped my writing game.

My current writing routine involves splitting my work into two weeks. One week is a #WritingWeek, and the other is an #AuthoringWeek.

I wrote a post about The Art Of Authoring last year, which you can read in more detail here, but the gist is that I spend my writing hours that week working on all the authoring tasks that come with being a modern, published writer.


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