The Croatian experiment

Jules Verne Times Two

“This feels familiar”, whispered Jules, while staring at the window with a look of resignation. In our own version of Groundhog Day, the three of us were again sitting around the kitchen table, on the first day of a second lock down, imposed after a spike in coronavirus cases over Christmas. Outside, the streets were empty and the weather was gloomy, so our eyes gravitated instead to the digital picture frame resting next to the window, which had started cycling through pictures of the time we had spent in Croatia.

Every thirty seconds, a new picture popped up. The images were not altogether unfamiliar, but they did seem somewhat distant and out of place. Much like finding a swimsuit tucked away in the bottom of a drawer during wintertime, these photographs brought back warm memories that could not be repeated any time soon.

─ “Let’s play a game”, I…

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