Make your own photography light box for $25 or less

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I made my own light box (a.k.a. tent) for product and domestic macro photography, and it’s been very useful.

The version made here doesn’t fold into compact shape for storage, but with a modification described later this can be done.

I have some B&H Photo store links below, but I’m not affiliated with them and you could find the same stuff at other sites such as Adorama and to some degree Amazon.

What is a good light box?

The purpose of a light box is to provide an environment for taking photographs of small subjects with consistent bright ambient lighting, with a typically neutral background. A common use case is product photography for anything smaller than a shoe box or so. A good box:

  • Provides white or reflective surfaces to bounce light around
  • Has at 3000+ lumens of 5000-6000K light
    • Don’t worry about precision as it can be tweaked in…

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