Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls (GF-Option)

Nourishing Amy

Rich and fudgy cake crumbs combined with deliciously chocolate buttercream rolled into balls and enrobed in dark chocolate – these cake balls are fun and easy to make. A great way to use up leftover cake and are naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Now, these Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls may be far from perfect but in all their imperfections, they are the perfect way to use up leftover cake! Whether you have cake that’s going a bit dry or is a bit sad-looking or you’ve made my Valentine’s Day Hidden Heart Banana Bread and have the pink banana bread scraps ready to go, these cake balls are the best way to eat your cake crumbs.

Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls
Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls

Like my Hidden Gingerbread Banana Bread and the resulting Gingerbread Chocolate Cake Bombs, these cake balls are a “leftover” recipe of the banana bread. There’s quite a lot of cake leftover…

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