My Blogging Routine: Inspo, Calendar, Scheduling, & More

Glamour & Guide

I started blogging seriously when I was a senior in high school. Over the summer after being on twitter for so long just endless retweeting pictures of moodboards, outfits of the day, reading about fashion related news and more, I decided that I wanted to create my own platform where it’s not just retweeting and limited character space. A place where I could write down my thoughts on any topic I wanted, whenever I wanted. So my first blog ever was fashion related BUT it was not this one I am writing on right now. It had a completely different name and I had this running from September 2019 up until January 2020. I was going through a lot with the college application process and felt so overwhelmed to keep up with the blog, my school work, college essays, revision on the essays more times than I can count, studying…

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