How I Organise My Life

The Soulful Nib

Hello everyone!

During the lockdown phase last year, I was getting extremely agitated and frustrated. We could not step out of our homes and meet our friends, or even go for a short walk. I began feeling very restless and started finding ways to turn this feeling around.

As I was bingeing on YouTube videos, I came across a video about this new app that is making big news in the field of productivity and organisation. I sat up straight. Finally there was something of my interest!

Before I go further into this blog post, a short and quick fact about me. I’m a big-time productivity and organisation geek. I find pleasure in keeping everything in order and I’m a firm believer that half of our issues with a messed-up brain can be sorted by bringing in a bit of planning and organisation.

Always on the look out for newer…

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