Tips to Exercise Your Brain

Be Inspired..!!

Adults who adopt a proactive attitude toward staying mentally fit often do just that. Anyone who is interested in brain function is probably already on the right track. Brain exercises may strengthen short and long term memory. Cognition is indeed “malleable”.

Here are few tips to exercise your brain :

  • Be a Bookworm – If you are waiting in line at a store or at the doctor’s office, pick up a variety of reading materials. Read online, visit the library or listen to audio books.
  • Be Social – According to a study by Dr. David Bennett of Rush University Medical Centre, having a stable social network provided protection against the clinical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Close Your Eyes – Do something ordinary with eyes shut, according to the Guardian UK article, “Simple Ways to Make Yourself For Cleverer”. Take a shower entirely with your eyes closed, or eat with your…

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