Nutri Coffee Vanilla Pancake

Reset Your Diet

Pancakes have been around for years and people around the world has tried their hands on improvising the recipe. Today, there are hundreds of personal recipes for different types of Pancakes. Here is our take on the making it our own – Coffee Vanilla Pancake made with NUTRI mgf multigrain atta.

Yield: [7 Pancakes]

Prep time: [20 minutes]

Total time: [20 minutes (Prep) + 20 minutes (cook time)]


[Nutri MGF Multigrain flour] | [1 cup]

[Buttermilk] | [Milk (3/4 cup) + Vinegar (1 and ½tbsp)]

[Powdered Sugar] | [1/4 cup + 2tbsps]

[Instant Coffee] | [3tsp]

[Vanilla Essence] | [1tsp]

[Baking Powder] | [1 and ½tsps]

[Baking Soda] | [1/2tsp]

[Oil] [1/8 cup]

[Warm Water] [2tsps]

[Butter] | [As per the requirement]


  1. Take the room temperature milk in a coffee mug and add the vinegar to it. Keep it aside for 5 to 7 minutes for milk and…

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