5 houseplants you can propagate

Fronds with Benefits

Plant propagation is the process of growing a plant from a variety of sources. Sowing seeds is the most common form of propagation, but plants don’t have to produce seeds to reproduce. Plants are also able to undergo vegetative propagation, a form of asexual (without sex) reproduction, where they produce a clone of themselves, using leaves, cuttings, rhizomes or tubers. Vegetative propagation is a rewarding hobby and a great source of gifts for friends and family. We’re going to look at 5 of my houseplants that I regularly propagate.

I have also linked an old video, covering this topic, from my previous YouTube channel. I’m hoping to reinvigorate this channel in the coming months, for more behind the scene, how-tos and topics linked to sustainability. Feel free to check it out. I will be going into a bit more depth than the video in this blog post, so if anything…

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