Exercise can help you to cope with withdrawal symptoms from an addiction

Exercise and Health

On almost every addiction or drug abuse website, experts tell you that a healthy exercise or physical activity program will increase your chances of staying clean. Today, I want to talk about how exercise combats withdrawal symptoms from addictive substances. I will be speaking in general terms, and not about a specific substance. This means that you can learn about how exercise can help you recover from many different types of addictions like drugs, alcohol, nicotine or even sugar.

Exercise stimulates dopamine secretion

Dopamine is a happy hormone, used by your brain to give you a sense of reward. Dopamine is meant to make sure that we do what is important for our survival (like eating enough food, and eating sugar-filled fruits and vegetables, staying warm in cold temperatures, connecting with other beings, getting enough rest and relaxation, being successful and having sex). The dopamine release is actually…

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