The Power of Routines


Image: The power of routines

They say a tidy desk is conducive to a productive day. That can be said for a tidy house. If your living space is a mess, paper,clothes , stuff everywhere, you will feel dis-organised and in a mess, irritated or even frustrated all the time. Make a point of keeping you home organised, tidy and you will find peace. Make sure you bed rooms are tidy – that will improve your sleep.

How we physically live and how clean and tidy we are has a subconscious impact on our moods. Get home from work, don’t throw your clothes on the floor, put them away in your wardrobe or laundry basket. Put your shoes away. Hang your coat up.

Also develop routines in your life, simple little routines and watch peace and harmony come into your life. The smallest of changes to your daily habits will really encourage harmony and peace…

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