10 Ways to Get Your Nutrition Back on Track


Jamie Staley, NASM CPT, Pn1

How have your eating habits changed since quarantine started?

Loaded question, right? It’s safe to say most of us have experienced somewhat of a shift regarding what we eat, when we eat, how much we eat, or how much we care about any of those things.

Quarantine is a perfect storm to thwart any healthy eating plans. Your daily schedule has changed, you are most likely inside with food all day, stress is at an all-time high, grocery shopping is now a daunting task, some healthy food is nowhere to be found, and you’re trying to support local restaurants.

See what I mean? You put that all together and it’s no wonder why some of us have tossed a balanced diet to the wayside. What’s a person to do?

The following ten tips are simple ways that you can start gaining some control over your…

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