7 Tips To Hang On – If You Blog For Mobile



A blog for mobile users

Hello, my blogger friend.

Before you hit the publish button, wait for a while and think about your end goal.

Keep it simple, and ask the question do you want to blog for desktop or mobile use?

Our blog can be fitted to view it on mobile almost all the WordPress themes are viewable for mobile.

The screen size for mobile is smaller, so you can’t overload it with large pictures or stack up words.

When you like to blog for mobile, there are seven hang on tips you need to know.

#1) Clear Writing
#2) Load Speed
#3) Testing
#4) Simple
#5) To The point
#6) Blog Short
#7) Performance

#1) Clear Writing

Having clarity into your blog message can deliver your content fast.

The reader wants to know instantly if your story is compelling and helpful to share it with their online friends.

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