Journaling & Mindfulness: The Girl Boss Way of Staying Zen

Girl Boss Blog

Even the strongest girl bosses need to take time to take care of ourselves and our minds. Time to yourself is essential to recharge and to take a breather. A break is necessary for between the blur of busy workdays and social commitments that fill up a typical day of a girl boss. Mindfulness brings you directly into the present moment.

One effective way to stay mindful is to begin journaling. Journaling has amazing, therapeutic benefits that many people have taken advantage of to help themselves stay mindful. We get filled with anxiety and stress from work and is triggered by a multitude of things. Making being mindful a priority can help relieve stress, uplift moods, and overall feel better.


Mindfulness is one of those buzzwords you hear left and right. What does it really mean for you? Mindfulness is all about bringing yourself into the present moment and…

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