The Only Five Email Folders Your Inbox Will Ever Need

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Stop “organizing” your emails by subject and start thinking of them in terms of deadlines.

For years, my approach to email was like slaying a hydra. For every email I deleted, two more landed in my inbox.

Part of the problem, I knew, was the nature of my work. My team stands between two major organizations within my company, making collaboration crucial, however inefficient it was in practice. So not only did I put up with this mess, I was actually complicit in letting it worsen. I saved everything. I thought most messages addressed directly to me needed my response. I was wrong.

Looking back, I didn’t have the discipline and discernment to really manage my email habits. The system I use now isn’t a product of my own invention. My best friend works for a major consulting firm, and I was grateful when he sketched out the rough strategy…

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