The “Outbox” Method is a Proven Way to Make Decluttering Less Stressful


The hardest part of decluttering is making choices about what should stay and what should go. That?s why your best weapon in The War Against Stuff is a simple little thing we like to call ?the outbox.?

The outbox has been a staple of the January Cure for many, many years?mainly because it just works. It?s not a garbage or donation pile?it?s more like decluttering purgatory. A place for things to just sit (at least a week, or in the case of the Cure, until the end of the month) while you loosen your attachment to them. Once something has been in the outbox for a while, you?ll see the object for what it truly is: either a treasure to hang on to, or a relic to rid yourself of.

Today?s assignment is about setting up that outbox and setting yourself up for success.

Today?s Assignment: Set up an…

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