11 Tips For Weight Loss


Losing weight is the biggest challenge to everyone, whose suffer from weight related problem. Although there is no one perfect in our society, but if a person Keeps his belly in proper size he remains healthy. By losing his weight he looks beautiful due to proper figure.

Here Are some weight loss tips that are actually work it

1 Take more protein

Protein plays the most important role in weight loss because it’s part of the big three macronutrients- protein, fat and carbohydrate. Our study also showed that eating a high protein diet reduced a fast weight. According to DRI (Dietary reference Intake) is 0.8 gram protein per kg of body weight.

High Protein Food for Weight Loss Include:

1.) Eggs 2.) Beans 3.) Chicken Breast 4.) Broccoli 5.) Tuna 6.) Guava 7.) Peas 8.) Greek yogurt 9.) Almonds 10.) Avocado 11.) Cottage chees12.) salmon

2 Drink Hot Water

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