Flax seeds for eye health.

With age and the wear and tear of the eye muscles, our eye health undergoes rapid deterioration. We usually don’t give it much consideration but experience the strain and the discomfort later on in life.

Making dietary and lifestyle changes are two ways we can save our eyes from further degeneration and eye problems.

Including foods rich in Vitamin A and essential fatty acids and spending less time staring at our phones and computers will definitely go a long way in safeguarding our eyes.

Read Yoga for your eyes


Including foods rich in Vitamin A won’t ensure a reduction in the power of our spectacles, but it will…

  • help improve eye health,
  • look after the surface of the eyes,
  • improve night vision,
  • and, lessen the risk of vision loss due to muscular degeneration that comes with ageing.

Omega 3 fatty acids also help keep the eyes…

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