Nostalgic scents


Day 8: Scent

I inhale deeply

the floral, musky-spiciness

of freshly brewed tea

and fond memories

of the valleys of Darjeeling

come flooding back!

Sitting alone at the local cafe

surrounded by wafting aroma

of roasted coffee beans

I am transported to Lisboa

where I had my first espresso shot

to become a convert forever!

Incense and camphor burning,

fresh scent of marigold and shiuli flowers,

spicy, sweet, tangy smells

emnating from the kitchen,

smokiness of firecrackers in the air

our home is redolent with the festive fragrance !

I open the cupboard

and out falls your shirt in my arms

I catch a whiff of your favourite perfume

sheer sensory delight!

I clutch it close

inhaling your presence

hoping Diwali would be brighter this time.

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

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