It’s International Sloth Day!

Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids

To celebrate this odd critter we have an amazing poem.

Check it out!

Not Just a Sleepy Sloth

By, Cathy Jeannotte

I’m a super-sloth and I’m a little slow and sleepy, 

but there’s a lot more to sloth-ing than just being crawly creepy.

Sure, I don’t rush around,

there’s nowhere I have to go.

But if we’re talking sloth life, there’s some things you ought to know.

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I’m a three-toed sloth but some sloths have only two.

We each have two fingers, a lot less than you.

Another difference between us,

scientists have found,

is that we can turn our heads almost completely right around!

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We sloths are underrated and sometimes misunderstood.

You might think our life is boring but really it’s quite good.

We spend a lot of time in trees, hours and hours it’s true.

In the wild we sleep nine hours a day, quite similar to you.

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