Top 10 free things to do in Helsinki..

Life as we see it..

Helsinki is an expensive city. However, people are friendly, parks are beautiful and food is delicious. To add to that, it is not bad to find out some top attractions in Helsinki, which are absolutely free to visit. You can find all informations in myhelsinki website. Here are our top choices ..

1. Oodi ..


Oodi is Helsinki’s new Central Library and  meeting place.  But this one-liner hardly describes Oodi. You have to experience it to know Oodi! Its wide range of services and facilities are available to residents  and tourists seven days a week, from early in the morning till 10pm. Strategically located in central Helsinki, Oodi tops the free as well as overall attractions of the city. Stay tuned for upcoming post on more about Oodi experience 🙂


2. My Helsinki sign..


Best place to take a selfie and tell the world that you have been in this…

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