10 High-Calorie Foods For Your Baby

Indian Motherhood & Parenting Blog - THE CHAMPA TREE

by Udita Saklani

Worried about what foods can help your baby gain weight? Check out this list of 10 High calorie-foods for your little ones!

Think of your baby and the first thing which comes to your mind is – FOOD! Yes, you heard it right! Everything from babies to the food they eat can very well be regarded as one of the most ‘Googled topics’ on the internet! If you are a mother you would agree to this, and if you aren’t then you need to ask your mother!High Calorie Foods For Your Baby 01

Introducing foods to a baby at about six months of age is considered a developmental milestone during the first year of birth. As the growth progresses, different categories of foods must be introduced in a child’s diet to cater to all kinds of nutrients which fall under the ‘Big Food Umbrella’.

As a child approaches the toddler stage, the agility and movements also…

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