Tiny Living, Week 7&8- Road Trip

New York Family Adventures

ABA3A18E-F4FC-4516-BE83-FFA6FBDA2EAFOur tiny living adventure afforded us the ability to take a nice two week road trip across the east coast of the United States. We thought our experience reducing and moving into a tiny home prepared us for living on the road, but we have so much more to learn. So much!!!


I’m sure you’ve seen people or shows about people that travel with only their backpack. Everything they need to sleep, eat, dress, etc., is in this lone backpack. It’s a compelling idea to even see if you can do it. Could you survive with only what you can carry on your back? Well, our family certainly could not, unless it was life or death- but then, I’m sure everyone would try their best.

57D09D0F-1BEE-40D3-9D82-3F62130D6BA4We already had accommodations set up for most of our days– staying with friends/family and an occasional night in a hotel. At the midpoint…

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