Day 14. Walking the MacRitchie Trail and visiting the National Museum of Singapore

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I helped myself to some nasi goreng at breakfast but the hotel’s version was made with salted fish which had a distinctive strong flavour which didn’t appeal so I moved on to some curry puffs and french toast that was more to my liking.

Untitled Windsor Nature Park, Singapore

Breakfast over, we picked up some bottles of water and headed out onto nearby Penang Road for a bus (162/167) to take us to Windsor Nature Park, the start of the MacRitchie Trail tree top walk. Buses on this route run frequently and we only had to wait a couple of minutes for one to appear. Using our phone sat nav we alighted at the nearest stop to the start of the trail which was at the corner of Venus Drive and Upper Thomson Road, the journey taking around 40 minutes.

Untitled Starting the MacRitchie Trail, Singapore

The tree top walk starts at…

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