HUA WEI Smart Watch


HUAWEI WATCH is a self-developed smart Watch released by Huawei Company of China on September 2, 2015.
It also has many functions.
Large purchases will also be presented with different styles of watchbands for any occasion, the most important thing is that the price is only one third of IWATCH, popular with consumers.

HUAWEI WATCH uses 1.4 inch Amoled display panel.

In addition to IWATCH’s functions, it also has 24-hour heartbeat detection, ranging, calorie detection and sleep detection.

Support IP67 level waterproof and dust-proof, and three satellite system positioning.

This is Huawei Bracelet Watch 3Pro, a smart bracelet watch with Bluetooth headset and health record made by Huawei Company of China.Huawei bracelet has Bluetooth call, sleep monitoring, step counting, calorie calculation, sedentary reminder and other functions. It is composed of touch screen, wristband and other components. The biggest difference between Huawei bracelet and HUAWEI WATCH is the difference in function…

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