Colour Schemes

The World according to Dina

We have been absent from the blogosphere for quite some time because of all the other things we did. One renovation rarely comes alone. Therenovation of our librarywas followed by the renovation of our living room. The biggest challenge was to find a colour scheme. Then the new colours asked for a modernised setting and we had some fun and lot of work decluttering the room. This was not done without big discussions and quite some tension. Dina likes the Scandinavian “Hygge” whereas Master reacts allergic to furniture. We just survived this. Now we have time for blogging again. In our next blog we will present the transformation of our living room.

Lange besuchten wir nicht mehr die Bloggerwelt, da wir mit sooo viel Anderem beschäftigt waren. Eine Renovierung kommt selten allein. Die Renovierung unserer Bibliothek zog sogleich die Renovierung, Modernisierung und Entrümpelung unseres Wohnzimmers mit sich. Als das nun…

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