Colours of Newfoundland

My Life Lived Full

You may be starting to think our time in Newfoundland involved only iceberg hunting, hiking, and eating (see Deb’s latest post on this topic here).

I want to point out that we also spent time exploring the colourful capital city of St John’s. It’s famous for its row-houses in vibrant colours, but I was in for a few surprises.

St John’s Water Street

The first was that the colourful jellybean exteriors weren’t restricted to a single street or collection of streets as I had originally thought. They were EVERYWHERE, including the commercial areas.

I admit to a serious sugar issue. The 5-year-old in me was delighted by this find.

We also discovered that this colourful display was embraced well beyond the core of the capital. Bright colours popped up in the countryside and small villages hugging the shoreline.

Even when they aren’t trying, they are cheerfully colourful.

However, I…

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