This Countertop Dryer Dries Your Laundry in Just 15 Minutes


On the hierarchy of clothes-related crises, nothing grates more than having to forego stepping out in a smashing ensemble simply because you forgot to dry a piece of clothing ahead of time. For those of us who know this soppy scenario all too well, this Kickstarter campaign for a fast-working countertop tumble dryer just might offer a solution we?ve been looking for.

Dubbed Morus Zero, the portable appliance purports to be the ?world?s first countertop tumble dryer equipped with Vacuum+? dehydration technology.? In other words, it has the ability to dry clothes extremely quickly?15 minutes!!?plus it saves up to 40 percent of energy in the process. The tiny powerhouse is made for small spaces and can fit just fine in an apartment, RV, or boat.

The small dryer achieves its efficiency by utilizing a process that combines heat and lowers the air pressure inside to create an environment where water…

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