Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Worth the money?


I like using technology, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily like the little details regarding the device I am using. So if you can into this blog thinking I was going to go all technical, then… you are at a wrong location. I’m here to tell you about this watch in a plain consumer’s perspective.

Smart Watch Background: I’ve been using smart watches since year 2016 till now. I had an Apple Watch, Fitbit versa, and now Samsung Galaxy Watch.

My experience with my past smart watches
Apple Watch: After just a 1 year into using my Apple Watch, the screen just popped off while I was pretesting a patient in a clinic. That’s right, in a clinic. I wasn’t working out or anything physically strenuous. In fact, I never showered or worked out with this watch because I was afraid that it’ll break. But by the fact…

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