Electric vehicles aren’t for everyone; Hyundai

George Mwangi

Drivers in, say, Wyoming or any other location with miles and miles of miles and miles probably can’t live with the range limitations inherent to even most advanced EVs. Anyone that tows for a living or hauls heavy loads is also an unlikely candidate for a battery-powered vehicle.
But if you’re a more everyday sort of motorist, commuting to work or occasionally heading out of town on the weekend, electric cars have really reached a tipping point. Pricing has come down at the same time driving range has increased, and the result is at long last they’ve become a workable solution for many drivers.
A long-range Tesla Model 3 midsize sedan is currently available with a battery pack that provides 310 miles (499 kilometers) of range; the standard model, when eventually available, will offer less, an EPA-estimated 215 to 220 miles (346 to 354 kilometers). The Chevrolet Bolt is a…

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