Top 5 Freshwater Fish Beginners Should Avoid

First Time Marine Keeper

Some people will tell you that freshwater tropical fish are easy to keep, and I suppose in comparison to saltwater they could have a point! But, easy or not, there are certain fish beginner aquarists should avoid. Here’s my Top 5 list of freshwater fish that should be avoided by beginners.

5. The Angelfish

Platinum Angelfish
Platinum Angelfish

Angelfish are often very attractive to beginners, they easily recognisable with their unusual shape and are a great centrepiece for your aquarium.

What the local fish store doesn’t tell you is that they need good water quality at all times, can become aggressive towards everything once they start spawning, require a low flow tank and are likely to have their fins nipped at by pretty much every other fish in your aquarium that has a slight nipping tendency.

On top of all of that, they can grow to be fairly large and require a…

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