Choco Chip Banana Muffins (Egg Less)

Finger licking Flavours

photo_1552574311356631975569394654984.jpgChoco Chip Banana muffins are deliciously moist muffins with sweet banana flavor and enhanced taste with chocolate chips for the chocolate lovers.I find banana to be a very humble fruit as it is easy to eat,delicious,a healthy source of fiber,potassium,vitamin B6 ,vitamin C and various antioxidants and phytonutrients , pocket friendly and available throughout the year.But at times many of us do not like to eat over ripened bananas.photo_15525743002655698758780234958643.jpgThrowing is not an option as I personally do not like to waste food and and if there is no baby at home to feed with,then what to do with it? I find it best to either put it in the pancake batter or make a  decadent cake or muffin out of it.

photo_1552574289081162953539974752261.jpg Baked muffins

So choco chip banana muffin is one such delicious outcome which is has a very soft and moist crumb with richness of banana flavor along with…

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