What Was Your First Plant Ever?

Plants and Beyond

~ Forever grateful to the very first house African Violet potted plant on my bedroom’s windowsill. The simple addition of green, velvety leaves and purple flowers soared my heart and spirits as a child. That live addition of another living being in my bedroom prompted further planting and care for plants.


It must have been in elementary school when the obsession with violets took over our apartment’s windowsills.


Here is a secret I never told anyone yet. Oh gosh, here I go…In my very limited spare time from gymnastics and schooling, might have been Sundays, I would walk under people’s windows in search of unwanted discarded plant leaves. The neighbors would throw away overgrown leafage away via window portals. The extra plant leaves would land on the sidewalks, and here I was picking them up. Sometimes, I would look up to imagine where they landed from and people were…

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