Surviving, and Thriving, While Freelancing


Some people dream of being “their own boss.” I suffer the proverbial fear of the blank page, and I wish just one person would give me a place to work and a time to do it. The more you freelance, the more self-discipline and organization you need.

Most freelancers report back to someone, but freelance gigs leave you with a much more open schedule than a 9-to-5. While that freedom can afford you luxuries like flexible vacation time, midday yoga classes and spontaneous brunch dates with other alternatively-employed friends, you have to be careful you’re getting the right amount of work done without missing deadlines or burning out. I’ve been working remotely and dropping in offices as a consultant for at least a year now, and I’m writing this advice partially to share what I’ve learned, and partially to remind myself to stick to it.

I didn’t figure all this…

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