5 Vegan Dessert Recipes You Shouldn’t Live Without

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So here’s the deal:  Vegan desserts are where it’s at. I eat as many plants as I can. While I’m not exclusively vegan, I love creating dairy-and-egg-free desserts. Why? They satisfy most of the diets of the friends and family l cook for, and they’re downright delicious. As a plus, all the recipes are below , I use natural and whole ingredients, so they’re packed with good-for-you nutrients too. Here are the top five vegan desserts that you can’t go another day without trying. All happen to be naturally gluten-free too. Feed your people, no matter their food philosophies.

1. Bliss Bites: Imagine a peanut butter cup had a baby with a no-bake cookie, and you’ve got bliss bites. They’re hands-down the most popular recipe on our website, and we love seeing people around the world make them and tag us on Instagram. They’re vegan by way of coconut oil and naturally…

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