10 Tips for a More Mindful & Healthful 2019


Forget the resolutions. Try one or more of these tips to make your life healthier and happier in the New year.


We all know the drill. I’m going to start this…I’m going to lose that….I’m going to do this..I’m going to do that…and we start off great and highly motivated and then life gets in the way.

I personally have a very long list of things I want to accomplish and it can be very overwhelming if I allow it to be.

So here are 10 simple ways you can improve your health and outlook on life in 2019.

#1: Just start

The quickest way to start anything is to just start.

Stop thinking about it and just start. It might not be easy, in fact it will probably be hard. But that is exactly why it is worthwhile.

Why does it have to be January 1? I’m not waiting…

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